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Humans literally hear before they see, and so sound is pretty fundamental if you want to make an impact. Hearing is the second sense to develop in our brains.  

My passion is using professional voice artistry – human voice design – as a tool for brands like yours. Human voice design combines voice artistry with sound engineering. Its pioneering technique is used to generate earcons, voiceovers, and sonic logos. 

Few companies have sonic logos already. With the dawn of smart homes, voice and sound are becoming more important than ever. Human voice design makes sonic logos that are humane and better able to connect with human customers. 

The same goes for animations and mobile games striving to separate themselves from the masses. I've designed entire soundscapes with my voice. Thereby bringing technology closer to the end user. For example, you might hear a dog bark that sounds exactly like a real dog. The twist is that the sound is made by a human, which adds a layer to your product's story. Thereby bringing yourself closer to your customers.

Benefits of human voice design include:
- Stand out from your competitors
- Tell a more captivating story about your product (the human voice design twist!)
- Live out your company values (audience-centered, authentic, caring, responsible). 

The sound of a human voice is a cue to listen. Voice is more important than ever in a digital age. 

It would be an honor to innovate with you and tell your brand's story through sound, because… voice matters

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