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Creative Director

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Breaking new ground
produces energy. A lot of it.

Ideas that pop + The energy to realize them to perfection = Content that takes businesses further/with purpose/that lasts.

You're looking at energy. Low-energy break dancers, do not exist. Neither do low-energy stand-up comedians or low-energy YouTubers with 200,000+ subscribers.

The first creative in Finland to successfully run an all-digital presidential campaign centering on a brand film which didn't feature the candidate (2018, The Left Coalition). A pioneer of human voice design in a digital age. Invented a superhero. 

Knowing trends before they surface, without following them, is the key to forecasting. The key to great ideas. 

By choosing me, you're choosing a fellow entrepreneur who's big on action, at the cutting edge of marketing trends, at the heart of influencer marketing before agencies picked up on it. Creative for close to 1,000 corporate events, tailoring content for businesses like yours. 

As someone who dropped out of high school to make my dreams a reality through hard work and determination, authenticity beats intellectualism for me, always. People are everything. And with 33 million views on my channel alone, I know what they like.